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Brandywine Global Investment Management has built up significant experience across fixed income, equity and global portfolios that invest in US and international markets. Founded in 1986 by a group of highly experienced portfolio managers, the firm has been a wholly owned affiliate of Legg Mason, Inc. since 1998 but operates independently, being headquartered in Philadelphia with satellite offices in Chicago, San Francisco and Singapore.

Brandywine pursues one investment approach: value investing. Through practical experience, Brandywine has determined that value-style investing — whether in equity or fixed income markets, in the US or internationally — can provide excellent risk-adjusted returns over full investment cycles, and it is a particularly important strategy in today's global markets.



Fixed Income

Brandywine believes it can seize opportunities and aim for long-term returns through strict adherence to its value-driven process by concentrating portfolio assets in countries and currencies that meet its definition of value. Brandywine will avoid constructing portfolios that mirror the benchmark on the basis that a country weighting in a benchmark is not reflective of the value of the underlying fixed income market.

As a result, when looking at fixed income markets, Brandywine will focus on:

  • Investing in bonds with the highest real yields
  • Manages currency to increase returns
  • Rotating among countries to find the best value in fixed income markets around the globe
  • Controlling risk through the purchase of undervalued securities.

Global Equity

Brandywine has broad-based experience in global equities, which has been gained by managing global value equity strategies for over ten years. A team approach is the hallmark of Brandywine’s consistent performance in this asset class. Through Brandywine’s global research platform, stocks are viewed at a global level so that comparisons can be made with similar companies in the same industry or sector to determine their attractiveness — giving the investment team a truly global perspective.

Brandywine's global equity approach benefits from the following key attributes:

  • Experienced and stable investment team structured to provide a global research perspective
  • Active, bottom-up approach to stock selection
  • Country allocation is the result of stock selection.


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