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Legg Mason, Inc. is one of the world's largest asset managers, dedicated solely to managing money. With over 100 years of history Legg Mason has built up a strong heritage and now manages US $749 Billion* across global equity and fixed income markets.

Legg Mason's presence extends worldwide with offices based in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Chile and Brazil.

*As at 31 July 2018


Legg Mason

The most distinctive feature of Legg Mason is its specialised approach to managing money. It houses a selection of prestigious investment management businesses, each focusing on its own area of expertise.

These specialist investment managers include Legg Mason Capital Management, Western Asset, Royce & Associates, Brandywine Global Investment Management and Batterymarch Financial Management — each a wholly owned subsidiary of Legg Mason.

Investors with Legg Mason don't just have access to a single asset class or manager — they have access to a world of investment possibilities, where managers offer a wide variety of investment disciplines. And Legg Mason's position as one of the world's largest asset management firms, combined with its dedication to money management, provides it with the freedom, flexibility and focus necessary to pursue its goal — to be one of the leading asset managers in the world.

Investment Independence

Investment independence of Legg Mason's Investment Managers
Legg Mason's structure is carefully designed to provide diversity. Its specialist investment managers offer access to every major investment class around the world and operate with investment independence that allows them to focus on and excel at their unique competences. Together, they form a powerful combination of investment expertise.

Experienced portfolio management teams
Legg Mason’s investment managers consist of experienced portfolio management teams. They utilise proven processes and follow time-tested philosophies in their particular area of expertise to help them pursue performance across different market and economic conditions.

Global presence
The combined resources of these investment managers results in a global presence with investment teams — covering both equity and fixed income — which have recognised local and regional portfolio management expertise on-the-ground around the world.


In summary, Legg Mason believes in encouraging its investment managers to follow their own investment processes and make their own investment decisions. Basically, to do what they do best — manage money.