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March 2018

Above the Noise: China's Top Three Priorities

China has been grabbing headlines due to the recent elimination of fixed terms for the President and Vice President, as well as the government's intervention in a number of large-scale local businesses.

March 2018

Above the Noise: The New Normal of Higher Rates

With the first Fed rate hike of 2018 likely to occur later this month, we're going to start hearing a lot more about debt.

March 2018

Verbal Reasoning

No one person is capable of knowing the best selection of emerging market stocks. A team of sector specialists with equal voices could be a better solution.

February 2018

Small Cap Stocks: Selectivity, Cyclicals and Small-Cap Valuations

Royce co-CIO Francis Gannon explains why he thinks select small-cap cyclicals look well positioned to lead in the months ahead.

February 2018

Active rate management - How It Works

Rising rates and bond losses may have been a given in the old days. Now an unconstrained investment approach can help investors lock in profits in both up and down markets. Read how it works.

February 2018

Emerging Markets – Emerged

Emerging Markets have overtaken developed markets in world output and their share is only forecast to increase. Read here about the potential opportunities investors may find in them and how an unconstrained approach may help.

February 2018

Sell-Off Overlooks Solid Long-Term Trends

The current sell-off is overdone, notes Investment Strategist Jeff Schulze: inflation fears have been heightened by investor complacency, and the market can handle higher rates if the rise is not too rapid.

February 2018

Policy Matters: The Fed and Current Market Pricing

The transition from Janet Yellen to Jerome Powell as chair of the Federal Reserve (Fed) is happening at an interesting moment for financial markets and the US economy.