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August 2017

President Trump's Pick for Fed Chair

WAM's John Bellows discusses the political realities of Trump's appointment of the next Federal Reserve chair.

August 2017

Four lessons from the Taper Tantrum

Emerging Markets are more resilient to any potential new taper tantrum as their spreads are higher and their currencies lower relative to 2013.

August 2017

Global Emerging Markets: The Case for Active Management

Emerging markets look well placed to outperform developed markets as profitability recovers. That said, the growth outlook across these markets is asymmetric in nature. Demographic and political trends are also widening across the asset class. With that in mind, investors need to think carefully about how best to access the long-term growth story these markets can offer. In particular, should investors opt for a passive or active approach?

August 2017

ESG: The New Standard for "Best in Class"?

There's growing evidence that companies who integrate societal concerns about the workplace, environment and corporate governance into their operations may have a competitive advantage and improved growth potential.

August 2017

Bridges Freeze Before Roads: Go Slow

In a way, the Fed was a key first responder to the global financial crisis. And now, it's going to be the first major central bank to pursue quantitative tightening (QT), the more uncertain leg of its great "monetary policy experiment."

July 2017

Small Cap's Road Back to Normal

Portfolio Manager Chuck Royce and Co-CIO Francis Gannon see a consolidating asset class ready to make its next move up.

July 2017

Health Care Stocks: Biotech: Poised to Perform

Biotech companies represent a potential driver of above-average long-term earnings growth, yet current valuations appear to assign little value to the rich research and development pipelines in many firms in this industry.

July 2017

A Matter of Time: ESG and Credit Ratings

Credit Rating Agencies are making meaningful progress in identifying and reflecting environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks in the credit rating process. This is both welcome and encouraging, but more needs to be done to ensure the rewards fixed income investors can expect reflect the risks they are taking.