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The Western View: Absent Facts, Fears Flourish

Today, fears dominate the financial news, and we have a slightly more cautious tone overall. Yet despite prevalent fears, we remain bullish on several sectors within fixed income – and continue to see opportunity.

The Long View: Stocks: Perspective on the Pullback

None of the catalysts behind the recent pullback have changed the larger backdrop for the market. Fundamentals remain solid, and we believe the current pullback has largely run its course.

Around the Curve: Rising Rates: Creating Opportunities?

Investors responded to average hourly earnings surprising to the upside by taking yields higher. But at this juncture we believe recessionary fears are overblown.

Above the Noise: EM Election Update

There is a busy election calendar across emerging markets this year, with potential consequences for the direction of prevailing economic, social and trade policies (and, by extension, conditions for businesses). Here are some of the near-term political events we are thinking about...