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Market Commentary

On November 2, President Donald Trump named Jerome Powell the next Chair of the Federal Reserve (Fed) Board, succeeding Janet Yellen. This confirmed our thesis that the Trump Administration would be looking for Fed candidates who were 1) pro-growth, 2) comfortable with low short-term interest rates, 3) open to a lighter touch toward financial regulation, and 4) members of the Republican Party.

Through the ESG Lens

While the particular issues may vary, the rationale for conducting ESG analysis in emerging markets is no different from that in developed markets.

High Yield: Low-hanging Fruit?

The reach for yield may be tempting, but now is not the time to be going for broke when investing for income across both sovereign and credit assets. Instead, we believe waiting for the right opportunities is warranted in the current investment climate.

Be Active, Not Passive, In Fixed Income

As Legg Mason's Tom Hoops recently noted in the Financial Times, opportunities abound in fixed income for active investors despite concerns about rates and volatility.