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Fixed Income: From Fixed to Flex

For the past 30 years, global fixed income investors have enjoyed an unbroken run of positive absolute returns but it may be coming to an end.

Market and Strategy Update

The slow but steady recovery since the financial crisis continues to make progress; looking ahead, we expect another 2+% growth year in 2018, perhaps better with the new tax law. The fundamental investment backdrop is exceptional, but prices are high -- so sector and security selection remain key.


Elevated valuations, investor complacency and the prospect of faster-than-expected inflation combined to trigger the equity selloff this week -- but with economic fundamentals still solid, our investment managers counsel patience amid the current volatility.

Betting on the Non-Evident: Q4 Review and 2018 Outlook

We believe the year 2018 will shape up to be another year of strong global growth. Many emerging markets remain in the virtuous phase of the economic cycle, while the U.S. should finally start to experience wage and price pressures.