Latest Insights

ESG Essentials

Bonnie M. Wongtrakool, Global Head of ESG Investments, provides an overview of Western's approach to ESG investing and outlines the benefits of incorporating ESG considerations in fixed income analysis.

The Power of Income

Robert O. Abad, Product Specialist, argues the case for actively managed and diversified fixed-income solutions that can harvest value and income opportunities in a world that will likely experience continuing low interest rates.

Around the Curve: Credit Markets: A Look at the Bigger Picture

Brian Kloss, Portfolio Manager, explains the attraction of the US high-yield bond and loan market and the importance of investing in quality companies.

Dissecting International Signals

Jeff Schulze contrasts the fortunes of US and International stocks. He says US economic momentum and monetary policy versus the rest of the world has led to lower valuations in international and EM stocks - but a change could be coming soon.