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ESG: A Strident Call on Sustainability

The European Commission has upped the stakes on incorporating sustainability into the way we invest. It is all part of a recent recommendation on how the financial system in Europe should operate.

The Western View: Absent Facts, Fears Flourish

Today, fears dominate the financial news, and we have a slightly more cautious tone overall. Yet despite prevalent fears, we remain bullish on several sectors within fixed income – and continue to see opportunity.

Diversifying Risk in International Stocks

International stocks are gaining traction with investors -- but passive strategies may not be the best guide to opportunity. ClearBridge's Eliza Mazen explains why an active approach to diversifying international growth stocks may make more sense.

Navigating Emerging Markets: Revving the Innovation Engine

Emerging markets are rapidly becoming synonymous with innovation. Strong technical education, state support and growing internet penetration, have all driven a surge in creativity.