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Brexit and Article 50: Crossing the Rubicon

What does the UK's formal request on 29th March to trigger negotiations to exit the European Union mean for companies and investors? Some quick thoughts from Martin Currie's Mark Whitehead.

French election update: A four-horse race

Some worry the first round of the French presidential elections will produce yet another political tsunami. So far, polls suggest an almost-equal probability for each of the four main candidates from across the political spectrum: far and center, left and right.

Global Bond Market Hotlist

There are some broad themes playing out in the global fixed income and currency markets. This is a first hotlist: high-level global trends, followed by a country and/or regional analysis of the G3 and emerging markets.

ESG Ratings

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) ratings are proprietary scores intended to signal to investment teams how well a company has executed its ESG practices.