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The What, Why and How of ESG Integration

David Sheasby, Head of Stewardship & ESG at Martin Currie, discusses the merits of integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions.

GEMS – The Case for Active Management

Emerging markets look well placed to outperform developed markets as profitability recovers. That said, the growth outlook across these markets is asymmetric in nature. Demographic and political trends are also widening across the asset class. With that in mind, investors need to think carefully about how best to access the long-term growth story these markets can offer. In particular, should investors opt for a passive or active approach?

Can Emerging Markets Hold Steady?

Emerging Markets (EM) have been one of the better performing asset classes this year. Is it time to question whether EMs will continue to provide a return on capital for investors?

Finding Value in Bonds Now

Current yields and spreads are creating the perception that fixed income isn't offering much value, but Western Asset Deputy CIO Michael Buchanan does see pockets of opportunity in several segments of the market.