Martin Currie

Martin Currie has a long history dating back to 1881. The firm is a specialist in active international equities, with investment capabilities across global equities, global emerging markets, Asian equities and European equities delivered through 60 investment professionals who are supported by an independent risk-management function.

Martin Currie delivers its international equity capabilities through an integrated team of 60 investment professionals that seek out those companies that they believe have the fundamentals to deliver outperformance over a medium to long term view. Martin Currie houses most of this expertise in a single location, enabling better communication and more effective decision making when building well-balanced portfolios. The investment team is supported by an independent risk-management function.



Martin Currie harnesses these investment capabilities across four principal strategy types:

  • Index relative: Strategies that target incremental outperformance of a defined benchmark, within a pre-determined level of risk
  • Unconstrained: Strategies targeting significant outperformance over a market cycle that are risk-aware but not risk-constrained
  • Absolute return: Long/short strategies that target a real return above cash with low absolute drawdowns and volatility
  • Equity income: High dividend strategies that also aim to provide growth

Investment Approach

Martin Currie believes Stock-focused portfolios, driven by fundamental research, are the best way to exploit market inefficiencies and generate consistent outperformance. In order to identify the very best stock opportunities, Martin Currie employ teams of dedicated regional and sector specialists with the sole objective of finding those companies that can deliver outperformance. The team undertakes intensive proprietary research to determine its view of a given company's business model and set return expectations against the broad market view.