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ESG: Gaining Traction

ClearBridge Investments' Benedict Buckley explores ESG's evolution from impact investing and how it shapes his firm's approach to equities across the board.

EM and the Quantum Leap of Technology

Given the higher levels of risk and return associated with investing in emerging markets, governance and sustainability analysis is critical. Investors are generally not able to rely on the same level of regulatory or legal protection as in developed markets. However, when it comes to analyzing environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in emerging markets, developed-world methods often don't translate.

A Yen for the Yen?

Japan has been pumping out some relatively spectacular growth numbers this year. Yet, the modest upward trajectory of the yen has been underwhelming. What's the story? And is this growth a flash in the pan or a whiff of something different coming out of Japan?

Market and Strategy Update

The global economy is healing against a muted inflation backdrop that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Central bank policy should remain benign. US spread sectors have performed exceptionally well during the recovery, but their gains should be more limited going forward. The more substantial oppor¬tunity lies in EM debt, where growth and inflation fundamentals are favorable.